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Corporate governance, risk management and compliance

We help top management teams to keep the companies they are in charge of on track with the reliable achievement of their objectives with integrity, the management of uncertainties and mitigation of the risks, in an integrated manner. Our services are primarily tailored for professional intermediaries, such as accounting firms, law firms or management companies.

We can be of assistance in order to assess if the decisions taken by C-suite are executed as planned by staff members.

We can intervene for the identification of operational risks in order to set up an efficient matrix that will help to predict and overcome all potential issues that would harm the company.

What is more, we ensure that the company stays compliant with laws and regulations on the one hand, but also with defined policies and procedures.

We provide the following services:

  • Identification of the operational risks
  • Set up of risk assessment matrix
  • Assistance in the redaction of escalation procedures
  • Design of effective KYC/AML procedures for professional intermediaries
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Training on KYC/AML:
    • Fundamentals
    • Legal updates
  • Training on compliance
    • Mock test for your staff
    • Sensitization workshops on fight against money laundering and financing of terrorism

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