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Financial companies

Financial companies

Our clients are ranging from mid-sized companies to multinational or state-owned corporations. We strive to understand their businesses, and offer our services across many industries, such as automotive and transports, real estate and construction, financial services, private equity or logistics.

We consider ourselves as a one-stop shop, assisting our clients to turn their global vision into sound financial and legal cross-borders solutions.

We also help them in their search for financial or commercial partners in the context of their internationalization, by connecting them with our network of institutions of capital-development and private investors.

We can be of assistance with the following

Incorporation support

  • Organizational design and redaction of the articles of association
  • Coordination of all third-party services providers (banks, notaries, lawyers, etc.)

Corporate services

  • Company secretary services
  • Statutory and regulatory filings
  • Support in case of dissolutions, mergers, demergers, re-domiciliation

Domiciliation and management

  • Provision of a registered office
  • Business centers and office solutions
  • Knowledgeable board members

Accounting, consolidation and tax compliance services

  • Preparation of statutory financial statements under several accounting standards
  • VAT and tax returns
  • Establishment of consolidated accounts under LuxGAAP or IFRS
  • Communication with the appointed external auditor

Supervisory auditor

  • Independent review of the financial statements of your company

Risk assessment and Know Your CustomerAnti Money Laundering compliance

  • Proper identification of the risks
  • Set up of the global activities’ risk analysis
  • Design of effective KYC/AML procedures
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Training on KYC/AML:
    • Fundamentals
    • Legal updates
  • Training on compliance
    • Mock test for your staff
    • Sensitization on fight against money laundering and financing of terrorism

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