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HR management, training and coaching

Our expert has worked for more than 15 years as a HR business partner in the banking industry. She will help you to solve your human resources issues and to align the sensitivities of all stakeholders with the prerequisites of your business.

She acts as an external consultant, trainer and coach:

Training and coaching

Personal training

  • Acting as a « smart » manager: how to adjust your style and smartly interact with your team
  • How to optimize your performance at work and align your professional life with your goals and motivations
  • How to improve your communication skills
  • Self-management : understand your behavior when acting under pressure, identify your failure patterns and the root causes of your stress
  • Stress management at work, how to prevent depression (burn-out, bore-out, brown-out)

Personal coaching

  • Personal development and individual performance
  • Management coaching
  • Job coaching: appraisal of your spontaneous personal aptitudes, forces, skills, behaviors and potential
  • How to get past tough situations and move forward differently
  • Returning to work after a depression (burn-out, bore-out, brown-out)

Team training and coaching

  • Acting as a team : how to increase the collective capability of the team and to improve its collective performance, taking individual sensitivities, and general context into account
  • Crisis management (intervention in case of conflicts between co-workers, or dysfunctions in a group) and arbitration


  • Definition of skill sets required for the new position
  • Assessment of the candidates vis-à-vis these defined skill sets
  • Behavioral assessment (resources, motivations, communication and management style) / identification of dysfunctions (identification of moments of stress and behaviors under pressure, observable and foreseeable)
  • Contextualization of the interview taking the environment, team and management into account

Support and advice

  • Contextual strategic management of human resources
  • The manager toolkit
  • Design of efficient employee performance review
  • Internal communication
  • Crisis management and arbitration
  • Job grading to benchmark positions
  • HR audit: assessment and prevention of operational risks
  • Exit management

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