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Feb 1, 2021 | Consolidation & Reporting

Towards a clear financial information on the patrimony and the management of your company and its subsidiaries.

The need for consolidated financial statements can arise from multiple reasons:

  • They can be required by Law;
  • They are requested by financial partners;
  • They are used as management reporting tools and support strategic decisions.

Our team of experts is at your disposal to assist you at all stages of your consolidation process. This involves:

  • Focused technical assistance on:
    • The definition of the consolidation scope;
    • Writing your group accounting procedures and policy;
    • The identification and elimination of intercompany amounts;
    • The identification of technical matters, complex operations and their treatment;
    • The preparation of the notes to the consolidated financial statements;
    • The set-up and computation of key performance indicators.
  • Operational support and training;
  • Partial or total outsourcing of the preparation of consolidated financial statements;
  • Support in your reviewing/audit process.


We mainly work under Luxembourgish (LuxGaap) and international (IFRS) accounting standards in French and English.


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