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Integration of FDS into Parfi Group

Parfi Group integrates Fiduciaire Denis Soumann: an exceptional opportunity for our clients

We are delighted to announce a news that promises to further improve the experience for Parfi Group’s clients. After more than 15 years of successful partnership, we have taken a crucial step by integrating Fiduciaire Denis Soumann (FDS), a renowned and respected accounting and finance company in Luxembourg, into Parfi Group.

This integration is not only a business transaction; this is a valuable opportunity for our clients and FDS clients, reflecting our deep commitment to providing them with the highest quality services and anticipating their future needs.

By joining forces with FDS, we are expanding our range of services to include an even larger range of expertise, combining FDS’s expertise with Parfi Group’s expertise in accounting, tax, consolidation, estate planning, financial management, payroll management and much more.

Our clients can now benefit from the combined expertise of these two trusted firms, providing them at any given moment with a compass to navigate the ever-changing financial landscape. We are confident that this union will strengthen our ability to offer tailor-made and innovative solutions that address the complex challenges our clients face.

In addition, this integration demonstrates our commitment to excellence and our desire to remain at the forefront of our métier. We will continue to invest in the development of our teams and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies to ensure that our clients benefit from best practices and the most advanced solutions.

In conclusion, the integration of Fiduciaire Denis Soumann into Parfi Group represents much more than just a commercial development. We look forward to continuing to support our clients on their journey to ensure their long-term success.

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